Friday, August 27, 2010

2 QB System
A lot has come out since I first posted, so I thought I would update the post. KSL has a good write up here or you can click the link off to the side, Riley will get the start and both will play. "They are both Starters." If you haven't already, you have to listen to Broncos comment under cougar cuts, he gives a lot of details on how the QBs situation will work. This will be all over the place in the news tomorrow. I think that BYU is handling it the right way, nothing is set in stone, they will just see how things play out and who continues to progress. This should be fun to watch.

I know that most of you will have read this ( by the time you get to read this post, but I just wanted to post it just in case some of you did not get the chance to see it yet and share a few of my thoughts. In the release they talk about BYU going with 2QBs for what looks like the entire season. I think that this, in my opinion, is the best case scenario. It is the best case scenario for me. I like what both QBs bring to the table. I like Heaps more, but I think both skills sets have a lot of value. I know a lot can be said about how 2 QBs affects the other players around them ie WRs, but I think that BYU can play it right and have there be a fluid transition between the two. For all I know 2 QBs could tank, but I would love to see how it plays out.The only bad news is if your name is Riley, it seems he would be the one getting less reps as the season progresses. It would seem very strange to have a running QB get a majority of the snaps and have a QB with pocket presence come in for situational play. It should be more like Chris Leak and Tim Tebow, only Tebow was a freshman. With Jake being the freshman it buts a little twist on it but we will see how it works out. The QB pendulum has swung its way back and forth for a long time for me. Most times I think that having a mobile QB is great and keeps defenses worried about the QB taking off, but to use Riley means that Heaps playing on the field is delayed,(that could be a good thing or a bad thing). and I might just be selfish but I want to see what he can do even with the learning curve that may come with that. I have read about some sweet plays that he has made since in spring and Fall camp and I want to see those this season.

It has been said that Riley has so much more experience than Heaps, but experience does not always mean better. One thing that it does reflect is confidence. I think that Riley has more confidence because he has taken a snap with thousands of fans screaming at him. So with that confidence I believe that he is more ready to start a game, not that Jake could not have that confidence im just saying. It reminds me a lot of what Utah did last year. You have Terrence Cain who plays the first half of the year and then " the true freshman" Wynn takes on the other half of the season. One thing that I don't understand is why put Cain on the bench? This makes no sense!!! Maybe our Ute fan can explain this. It is not that Cain was doing bad, I think he only loss one game to Oregon and won all the other games. Then for no other reason throw in a true freshman that could use a year under his belt. And I saw that in the last scrimmage of fall camp Cain did better than Wynn did. I can understand there is a lot of upside for Wynn but I don't know. If Riley started the season and Heaps didn't play but Riley was winning games, I would be rooting for Riley to continue to get the reps, it makes no sense to take one player out just because you want the other one to get some PT!!!! Let the Freshman wait his turn while the upperclassmen gets the job done. Okay I am now off my soap box and rant!!!!

I have heard from a few places, but Vai Sikahema said it best here that he thinks that using both is a good option for BYU, and that he thinks that Heaps will get more and more reps as the season goes on. But the best quote was this one:
"Jake may be starting by mid-season, but I'd like him to have a little more time to adjust to cover two corner blitzes, his nerdy roommmate in Helaman Halls, American Heritage in the JSB, ward FHE, negotiating with the BYU Parking Office to have the boot removed from his car and climbing the stairs at the Richards Building after the first snowfall."

With all this said I am excited about the upcoming season. I am not sure how many games BYU will win nor do I know who will be the better QB but I do know that I am excited to watch them play and cheer on the cougars again.

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  1. What I want to know is: how do you expect throwing Jake Heaps into a situation supposed to throw the defense off guard? Won't defenses just anticipate the pass? Is he going to take entire series in any given game? I don't know how I like it.