Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Favre Saga

Consider me a football purist. I watch the Super Bowl for the most important aspect of it: the commercials. Not really. But one really stood out to me and it was hilarious. Brett Favre in 2020 debating whether he was ready for retirement or not after winning the Super Bowl MVP.

It is NOT funny anymore, Brett. Good heavens, quit going back and forth on whether or not you are going to play or not. You have put us through three years of waffling. But I know you shouldn't shoulder all of the blame for the attention you get when you talk about what you might have for dinner tomorrow night (some people feel like if they delve deep enough into his dinner preference, there will be some indication on whether he's retiring or not).

Not only do fans enable this madness, but the media goes on a frenzy and airs Brett Favre Career Tribute for 16 hours until you change your mind. So I guess you can't blame the media completely. The media only talks about what people want to hear.

But do we want to hear about this? I know I complained about a lack of sports news last week, but this is a whole new month. This is August. Trade deadline has passed, MLB division title races are tightening up, college football programs are ready to get the season under way. A-Rod also just made history this morning (600 home runs at 35 years old. Congrats, you dirty Yankee. I respect your accomplishment.) and all we hear about it Brett Favre.

My suggestion to Mr. Favre: go hang out with Osama bin Laden in a cave somewhere until Week 1. I don't want to hear that you changed your mind three times in the shower today and I don't want to hear your diesel truck as Ed Werder tries to ask you about your ankle.

Look at me. In a little over 300 words, I let the Favre saga spread even more.


  1. I was actually going to post about this as well. Make up your mind already--Brett. We love you and your fun to watch. I mean, how many other gray-haired NFL players are there? I keep telling my dad, if Brett Farve can do it, you can.

    Did you see the schedule for the NBA--Miami at Boston. Should be fun. Rumors are that Shaq may go to Boston. I wonder if this will lead into super teams...speculation is as content for a different post during the dead of the summer.

  2. I think that the Brett Farve stuff is pretty ridiculous. But one thing I heard on the radio today was the fact that a lot of QBs had a life ready for them after football. He made some comparisons to some QB's that have retired and others that will one day retire. He made the point that Brett is not a business kind of guy and doesn't have anything to do once football is over, so this is the way that he gets his name out there. Plus I have hear that this time of year, (July) is a slow sports month so I think that is also why the media play into his hands so much. If this was during playoffs of some major event I think you would hear less of it, you would still hear about it, but it would be less.....well maybe not

  3. It's official, Mike. Shaq signed a two year contract with the Celtics. And ya I already have opening night on my calender. Wouldn't it be great if the Celtics beat Lebron in his last game as a cavalier and then they turned around and beat him in his first game as a Heat? Not to mention Shaq is facing off against two former teammates.

    Robbie, Brett can mow his lawn and hunt critters on his ranch. How do I know that he does that in his spare time? Because in the dead of summer, that is what ESPN talks about.

  4. I imagine it is a tough decision for Mr. Farve. He obviously loves the game of football (not to mention the paycheck) but is probably concerned with how long his body can take the physical beating as a NFL QB.

    My advice to Brett is this: "Hey Brett, why don't you just spend your retirement making more Levi Jean commercials? You'd still make decent money, get to play football (because that is all you do in those commercials), and you don't have to worry about a 250lbs linebacker breaking your ribs. Sincerely, Cody Smith"

  5. Dante, not only am I with you, but your writing is top notch. Expect a call from ESPN the Mag any day now... or SI.

  6. did i hear something about an NBA opening season party at dante's house? That is a pretty exciting way to start the season. Count me in. Oh, and mike, my email is Please set it up so I may start blogging. Thank you. Oh and this is Rod by the way.