Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Blogger

Someone made a great point about how some of our posts seem to be written wearing only our blue goggles. That got me thinking: we need to add a new element to the blog. We have already read a great post on rivalries. With that being said, I found a great new blogger that can contribute a lot to our posts. He spent his first couple of years at BYU studying to be an English major so I know he's a good writer. He switched to construction management two years ago and is excelling in the program. I am really excited to have him contribute ideas about home repair and maintenance (you know, guy stuff) to the blog.

With all that being said, I must mention to you all that he is a Ute fan (and a Yankees fan but that is personal between him and me). My take on rivalries is that they should not get so heated to the point that we cannot enjoy a rivalry game together (follow here to read my post on rivalries on Anna's blog.) So I hope that we can read the perspective of a Ute fan with an open mind and be careful not to upset our new contributor with mindless BYU biased comments. Let's be men's men.

Without further adieu: I give you my good friend: Dan Christenson.


  1. Why didn't I get an introduction like this one?

  2. Thanks for the intro dante, sorry you didn't get one mike. I love that picture. When you are on your way home from california and at a complete stand still for more than an hour, the most manly thing you can do is play football in the median.