Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Which QB is best?

OK it's time to ask the million dollar question, "Who is the future QB at BYU?" Where does this group of manly men weigh in on this all important fall camp question. Bronco said that this was a straight up 4 man battle but about a week into camp we see that there are only 2 real QB's getting first team snaps. Which is really a shame because just by looking at this picture you can tell that Jason Munns #12 is a full head taller than Riley Nelson. Munns is 6-5, 254 lbs. that may easily be the biggest QB to ever play at BYU. But as Robbie pointed out last week size is not everything. I heard in a quote from Brandon Doman that said that Munns being fresh off a mission is not ready to lead this team. I really hope that we don't lose this great talent because I bet with a four man battle at lest one of these guys will transfer after this year.

James Lark is the 3rd QB in the race, I am not that impressed with him because I remember back in the 2006 4 A high school state championship Lark went head to head against Riley Nelson and Nelson wiped the floor with him. I think he would be a serviceable QB but not the winner that BYU has come to expect.

Now here is the real debate between the "Wild Cougar" himself Riley Nelson and the "Young Gun" in Jake Heaps. Now on this battle I've gone back and forth, but here is where I currently stand. I'm not a huge fan of a 19 year old kid leading the cougars who are known for being old and wise. But I guess if the Lord can trust the preaching of the Gospel to 19 year olds he can also trust the leading of his football team :). So the ideal situation I think is if Jake Heaps goes on a mission. And Riley would have the team for 2 years with Munns backing him up. When Heaps got back he would take over the reigns of the team with an experienced back up in Munns. But I've heard that Heaps is not planning on the mission unless the Cougars red shirt him this year. After what happened with the Ben Olsen debacle I don't know if redshirting Heaps is the best choice. So I think would should happen is that Jake Heaps should be given the starting job from day one and that Nelson should be sent in for wildcat packages. I think if Heaps is struggling you simply increase the amount of wildcat/Riley plays but don't bench him and shake his confidence.

The main concern I'd have with Riley starting is that we are so deep and talented at wide reciver I'd hate to waste that with a QB who can't throw the long ball and runs 60% of the time. But I do think he would provide a nice change of pace to the standard BYU game plan. Also If Riley was the starter if he went down the offence would have to copleately change for his back up that is not a runner.

In closing here are Jake and Riley's numbers through 3 days of camp:
Heaps is 24-33 (72.7%) for 247 yards 4 TD 1 INT
Nelson 19-31 (61.2%) for 251 yards 4 TD 0 INT
Pretty close but for the reasons mentioned above I think I have to go Team Jake on this one where do you all weigh in?

Addendum: Here is Brett Richins' (from Gooch's blog)) take on it:

Here is a side note of a great article about how Jan Jorgensen who now works for 1280 the Zone got kicked out of Ute Practice they know his colors don't bleed.

PS I will be graduating tomorrow and there is nothing more manly than finishing up 7 years of schooling, If anyone happens to go to the McKay school of Education convocation on Friday at 8 am at the field house I will be saying to closing prayer. No Big Deal.


  1. Congrats on graduating. I am actually giving a final for the class that I am teaching right now :)

    As for the QB question, I was talking to my adviser about it. He think that Jake will go on a mission regardless. He will get the bug as so many guys do even after saying that they are not going to go on a mission. I think that I agree with this analysis that Jake should be the starter. With this group of WR's its too much to pass up with a running QB. Plus, Anea would have to come up with plays specifically for Riley. I think that they should use Riley as much as possible though. He is an excellent athlete and I would love to see them move him to RB or something. What really worries me though is if Jake does start, do Munns and Lark transfer? We are really deep right now, but we don't need another I really hope the QB does get hurt season. There's a little more than my 2 cents.

  2. Good post. This is definitely the million dollar question. I keep going back and forth between the two, and I still cannot make up my mind.

    And congrats on graduating. Sorry we wont be able to make the trip up from CA.

  3. Bryan, excellent post. I have to admit that I am fairly new to the whole "analyzing" game when it comes to college football (or any sport for that matter). It is interesting for me to see this play out though, because I am used to just showing up for the opening game and discovering who the new QB is, or welcoming last year's back. From your analysis though, I would have to concur. Sounds like Heaps would utilize our WR talent, and we all love seeing the long ball (Collie on 4th &18!) Can't wait for the season to start!

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  6. I see disadvantages to both players really. I see arm strength almost being equal amongst both players. I also see quickness or lack thereof by both players as a major concern as well. Obviously, lack of experience is a big question mark, but that is the current situation with all of the current quarterbacks except for one that I can think of. To me, it's a d@mned if you do, and d@mned if you don't type of situation. On any given Saturday, I think the only thing that should separate the two should be touchdown to interception ration.

    If you look at the body of work so far, I would say that Jake is winning that battle and it probably isn't even close. I don't know where Bryan is getting his sources, but those projections are misleading and obviously include Bryan’s own biased opinions.

    In an unofficial estimation, I would say the starter should be determined from these telling stats. I mean they speak for themselves.

    Riley: is 24-3,340 (.007%) for 247 yards 4 TD 435 INT
    Jake: is 158-280 (56.4%) for 568 yards 14 TD 14 INT

    If you are looking for a maverick "gun-slinger" who "shoots first and reads defenses second", then, yeah you give the nod to Riley. If you are looking at completion percentage, yardage, and TD:INT ratio, then it's a no brainer.

    In fact, I am surprised that you all are debating this still. In my mind, it is Jake all the way.

    P.S. Bryan, I know this may be embarrassing for you, but Riley's last name is "Plumb", not "Nelson" and Jake's last name is "Jones", not "Heaps". I mean you have only been playing football with them every Saturday for a year-and-a-half and you still don't know their names. That's funny!