Friday, August 20, 2010

Runnin' Ute Amidst a Den of Cougars

First of all I would like to thank my good friend Dante for that nice introduction to the Man Stuff Blog. After all that build up I don't want to let anyone down. Hopefully I can blow you all away just like Elder David A. Bednar did with his first conference address as an apostle, you know, the "Tender Mercies" talk, where he nailed it and won us all over. I feel like Eminem in 8 Mile: "knees weak, palms are sweaty, there's vomit on my sweater already, mom's spaghetti. " Wow, I just went from an Elder Bednar analogy to Slim Shady, well I strategically planned that contrast to help demonstrate how it feels to be a Utah fan while attending BYU
I grew up close to the school up north and planned on going there all my life. Both of my parents graduated from there, but became those type of parents whose kids go to BYU and convert schools, well not really. Neither of them care much for sports. I on the other hand do, and have followed the University of Utah from a young age. I used to go to football games in the old stadium when they had wooden bleachers. I drove down to Tempe, Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl my freshmen year. I remember one year when the U had a deal with ESPN to play late monday night basketball games. Staying up past midnight was hard on a school night, but I did it because I love my Utes. I used to never have a set NFL team that I liked. I just followed where the Utes went and cheered for them. They have produced great players just like BYU has in the NFL.
When the end of November rolled around I recall being divided amongst my friends, red and blue. We would wear to school that week what color we represented. Those who grew up in Utah understand this segregation. So from early on I have had the rivalry pulsating through my veins. So why not go to Utah? A lot of family pressure, better environment to get ready for a mission, I felt too smart for Utah almost like it was too easy to get into, and my main reason now is that Utah does not have a construction management program.
I cannot just trade my team. You know the feeling you get in your gut when your team is close to winning or losing a rivalry game, after all the trash talk leading up to it all week? How can you face those who you know will give you crap after the game? I have invested too much over the years emotionally to be able to start cheering for who I considered the enemy. I did cheer for BYU to do well in the MWC to make us all look better, but now that everything is different I don't know what to think yet.
I hope to add some crimson to this blog. I will not be a stupid Utah fan that hates on BYU and I expect the same respect in return. I also hope to add insight on lots of man related stuff like construction, man movies, hunting, basically I enjoy all things man. Amen.


  1. It's a pleasure to have you join the blog.

  2. I hope they still have some rivalry games. It's a consolation prize to win the Utah game if we couldn't win the conference or make a bowl game.