Monday, November 8, 2010

BYU's juicy future

I really enjoyed this past weekend. Not only did BYU finally do something on offense but they did NOT make costly mistakes to keep the other team in the game. As I thought about the win, it got me really excited. I am not trying to say that this BYU is great by any means, but we saw a glimmer of what this teams potential is. I was was pretty harsh on Jake Heaps a couple of posts back. I think that he finally started to step up. We have a lot of young guys who should make us BYU fans very excited come next year and years to come.

Jake Heaps. He was 19 for 31 throwing for 294 yards, 2 TDs and no INTs. Sure it was against UNLV, but this was a stride that should have come much earlier in the season. He needed to have a game like this and he needs to have games like this against CSU and UNM. This was biggest improvement for him during the whole season thus far. His stats could have been even better had his WRs not dropped a couple of balls. I was impressed by his accuracy and consistency. We should have a good line still next year to keep him protected as well.

Joshua "Juice" Quezada. This kid is a baller. 3 TDs. Thank you Jake Heaps for recruiting him. This kid is fast but also is a bulldozer. We sat in the South end zone and witnessed (and heard) him plow over the UNLV linebacker. DiLuigi and Kariya also return.

Cody Hoffman. He is targeted the most during the season. Ashworth has taken some strides, but Cody still receives plenty of looks. He is also a stud returning kicks. I thought that we would miss Chambers returning the ball, but Cody is amazing. I think that he'll break one. He had a 50 yard return on his sole return on Saturday. Just imagine next year having him, and Ross Apo, and McKay Jacobson. There is some good size and speed.

Defenders. Unfortunately, the defense is mainly nameless, but a number of them are freshman. Kyle Van Noy is a stud and has been making plays left and right. Zac Stout is solid. Next year we'll have Stout, Van Noy, Pendleton, and Uona Kavienga (USC transfer) at line backer. The down side is that Rich, Bradley, and Logan will be gone.

I only named a few of the young players that are on this BYU team. There are a number red-shirting or new commits coming in. With the right coaching, the sky is the limit for this team.

I should also clarify that I am not looking forward to next year. But, how can you not be excited about BYU's future. Plus, now the nation will be able to see BYU play next year.


  1. Well written my friend. It was nice to finally see a some good offensive action. Although there doesn't seem to be any standouts on the defense, there's a lot of young talent like you said. Can't wait for the years ahead!

  2. Our offense looked way better last Saturday. They were a lot more aggressive, and I loved to see that.