Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tradition is Excellence Continued

Hello fellow men. This is my first post. My name is Greg Cook and I am a man. I am from North Carolina and therefore, I am a Tar Heel. I love everything about the University of North Carolina. I must also mention that Dook is nothing but a four-letter word at my house and must never be brought up during a good conversation.

I must clarify that I am also a huge BYU fan. Therefore, when UNC plays BYU in basketball, I cheer for UNC. When UNC plays BYU in football I must cheer for my Cougars. This will clear up any further questions to where my college loyalties lie.

Growing up in the heart of the ACC, I was raised watching quality basketball. I have been to a share of ACC tournaments and have visited the illustrious Dean Dome. This place is where the college basketball gods reside. It is indeed college basketball heaven. Looking up and seeing so many of the great basketball legends in the rafters is a humbling feeling.

Having had such great exposure to what college basketball should be like, and how it should feel when attending a game at the Dean Dome, I find it a little hard to watch a BYU basketball game. Don't get me wrong, I love BYU sports and will always support them. It is just hard for me. Let me share with you a quote, "Once you have experience excellence, you will never be content with mediocrity." I believe I am in this position. I love attending and feeling the atmosphere at the Marriott Center and have not regretted going to any of the games. I just wish there weren't so many layups, especially on fast breaks :) I am excited for another college basketball season and look forward to both BYU and UNC having a great season.

Please enjoy this video.


  1. wow greg, i am still choked up. unc is definitely better than dook at producing NBA players so i think you have the upper hand in a lot of ways.

  2. Where's the Hoffman TD?

    BYU just does layups to make you appreciate the dunks even more when they do happen. Hopefully we'll see more of them with a more athletic line up.