Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heaps or OC handcuffs?

So in my ward is a former BYU Tight End, Andrew Stacey. He was hoping to get some playing time as a backup for Johnny Harline, but then some hotshot sophomore started taking all of his reps. That hotshot is none other than the Baltimore Raven's own Dennis Pitta.

Anyway, I asked Andrew amongst other things what he thought of the current Jake Heaps situation. He told me that he watches every game and he said he can tell right away that Coach Anae does not have any confidence in Heaps whatsoever. He said the evidence is in the fact that Heaps rarely throws to the receivers. He explained that this was no coincidence, but pretty obvious that he is only allowed to throw to a running back running a check-down pattern, or tight ends. He probably has the okay to throw to a receiver if the receiver is wide open, but he does not have the green light to begin to fire away.

He said that Jake is playing scared because his offensive coordinator is scared and won't show any trust in him, so it is a vicious cycle. So this explains the reason why on 3rd and way long, Jake is throwing 3 yard passes against TCU.

Since Andrew played under Lavell, Gary, and Bronco, I asked him about the characteristics of each coach. He said that coaching style-wise, Lavell and Bronco are very similar, but that personality-wise they are different. He said that Bronco is a lot funnier than people realize. He said he really loves Gary Crowton (we were both watching kids at this time so the conversation is somewhat disjointed, due to this we never got to finish this part of the conversation).
#9. I'll bet it was pretty exciting to be at the game. You could tell from watching that 1) Jake was playing with a lot of confidence that day, 2) unlike what 90% of what Cougarboard thinks, Heaps can play and throws the ball really well, and 3) when the receivers catch the ball, the offense has no limits.

The bye week was mutually beneficial for both Jake and more importantly I believe Coach Anae's confidence in Jake. I think it ridiculous that Anae receives as much criticism as he does for having produced one of the finer offensive programs in the country, but I think in this case, he underestimated the ability of the kid that he brought in to lead the program.

Here's to an 8-5 season.

P.S. If BYU goes undefeated the rest of the way, do you think the Vegas Bowl takes a BYU team on the up-and-up or a two-loss Utah team. I think they would take Utah, and I think that would be a great mistake.

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