Monday, November 22, 2010

Rivalry Week!

The special Rivalry 2010 section of The Daily Universe is out today!

BYU-Utah Football 2010: End of an Era

Everything looks beautiful. And we are so lucky to have such great writers on the sports desk. They had unique ideas and their stories covered a wide variety of topics.

Here are all the stories in our glorious Rivalry section!

Let the hype begin: Utes up next for BYU, by Alex Hairston and Sarah Gambles
A standard preview of the upcoming game. It's not very extensive, because of course BYU isn't talking to the media much about the game and we had to get a story in quick.

Edwards, McBride reminisce, by Morgan Jones
A review about the interview with coaches LaVell Edwards and Ron McBride, that is part of the new "Red Blood, Blue Blood" documentary.

Red Blood, Blue Blood' documents the rivalry, by Natalie Barrett
A review of KUED's "Red Blood, Blue Blood" documentary.

Cosmo, Swoop keep rivalry alive, by Holland Davis
The history and origins of Cosmo and Swoop, including a couple nightmare stories.

Enjoy it, Cougar fans, viewpoint by David Mortimer (and a cartoon by me!)
David's take on the parting of ways for BYU and Utah.

Spring forward, fall back? by Josh Bolding
How will the BYU vs. Utah game change if we don't play at the end of November?

Rivalry affects relationships, by Kirsten Bowe
BYU players who have friends and family on the Utah team.

I can be your hero, baby, by Matt Livingston*
An analysis of former gamechangers, and how it can predict this year's game-winning play.

Keeping the rivalry under wraps, by Sarah Sanders
A history of the BYU vs. Utah prank war.

An outsider's guide to the rivalry, by Michael McKinlay
All about the rivalry, for those who come from outside of the state of Utah.

Bringing out the sibling rivalry, by Sarah Gambles
The Jenkins Family and their internal struggle between BYU and Utah.

5 things to remember for facing the 'formidable' red team, by Yours Truly
This is the viewpoint I was assigned to write after the New Mexico game, but I wrote it with a focus on the next game so it fit well in the tab.

Head games, by Alex Hairston
What would a psychologist think about the rivalry?

*For some reason, Matt's story isn't posted on the website. But you can read the PDF version by clicking on the link and going to page 11.

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