Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BYU in Heaps of trouble?

What a historic season so far (not in a good way). I don't usually like to point the finger at any one person and ultimately the responsibility belongs to Bronco as the head coach but this BYU team is mediocre at best. We can only call them average thanks to Mendenhall firing Hill and firing up the defense. I couldn't remember the last time I saw a corner blitz.

BYU's problem lie squarely on Jake (St.) Heaps' shoulders. Yeah, I know that there a number of others who also have responsibility, especially Coach Anae who refuses to get anyone else involved in the offense (what ever happened to the fly sweep with a WR?). Be it as it may, as the starting QB at BYU, Heaps needs to start making some plays. If he wants to loved and revered at BYU, he HAS to do something. 2 TDs to 7 ints is horrible. We could just leave the fact that he has only thrown 2 TDs and only 1 at LES. He only completes like 50% of his passes and averages a meager 4 yards per attempt. Not really noteworthy, and actually quite crapy to not sugar-coat it.

I know some people are going to say but he is only a freshman, well, then put Lark in. We can't be any worse--we only threw the ball 18 times against Wyoming.

I was thinking about the greats at BYU. They all had one thing in common and that was grit. Heaps does not have it or at least has not shown it. Take Jim McMahon for example. In the Holiday bowl, BYU was down by 20 points with a couple minutes left in the game. It was 4th down and LaVell send in the punting unit. Jim refused to come off and send the punting unit off of the field. The coaching staff had given up, but not Jim. They ended up scoring, and winning the game (I assume that you all know the details, if not Google it, it was one of the best if not the best, comebacks EVER). He got everyone to believe.

Max Hall had. Some people hated him for it, but he would try to should the whole team if things got bad. We need Jake to start bringing those around him up. He needs to some fire. I would love to see him yell as Ashworth after dropping a pass. Or take on a line backer (OK, maybe not, I think that I am bigger than he is). Mendenhall has give him this team. He needs to cease it and be a leader. Its part of the territory of being a BYU QB.

This guy here argues that is the supporting cast (i.e. WRs, RBs, TEs). He makes valid points that I agree with. But my argument against that is who did McMahon or Young have? Those QBs made everyone around them better. Time for Jake to step it up and have everyone else step up too. To be fair, I imagine that Jake is probably intimidated having to fire up a bunch of men who are 5 years older than him.

OK, so maybe he isn't really the reason, but he is a large part of it. He has 2 weeks to get something going against a formidable UNLV team. The verdict is still out, but my opinion is that he has not progressed a ton. At this point I do not see him as THE future of BYU. He has the potential, but it is not his as of yet. Coach Doman and Coach Anae need to get Jake to respond and turn this offense around.

Personally, I would like to see what Munns brings to the table. At 6-5, 254 he is the only QB that I can think of that has ever had size at BYU. I don't know anything else about him though.

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  1. I definitely think its a bit of both. Our receivers have been dismal compared to the awesomeness of previous years, so thats not helping Heaps at all. At the same time, there is something missing from his play. The whole offense needs someone or something to get them more fired up.