Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheer Up Guys

I hope this one day makes it to the dorky loner that sat three rows behind us last season.

We have been dragged through the mud as BYU fans for the last 4 weeks now. As Mike put it, we are at rock bottom. Our offense had a total of 13 dropped passes that would have resulted in over 200 yards of offense and 3 touchdowns… in one game. That was against Utah State and their formidable defense.

But I digress. I distinctly remember him (I think a few of my fellow bloggers will remember as well) calling for Bronco to put “Riley Nelson in!!!” He was adamant about it. I am glad that Riley got his chance. That dorky loner right about one thing, we had a quality running quarterback holding a clipboard and we had no idea what his ceiling was.

But now we do. We now know that he was always capable of running for a few yards when plays broke down and that he was sturdy enough to do it for 2 full games against good opponents before he pulled a Sam Bradford, sort of. It was more like a Greg Oden. “How the heck is he out for the season with that one?”

So to you, wanna-be BYU Football Head Coach in waiting, I congratulate you for your insight. You were wise enough to see that there was something great inside Riley Nelson. You also had such a keen eye that you could tell Max Hall was a bum and would amount to nothing. He took this receiving core (plus a solid run game and pro caliber TEs) and became BYU’s all-time winningest QB. In three seasons. And now he has the starting QB job for a team that just cut a former Heisman winner and first round draft pick. Is he better than Leinart? I don’t know. But the Cardinals obviously felt comfortable enough with Max Hall as a backup that they were okay with letting go of one of college football’s greatest players of all time.

Congratulations, Max. I wish you the best.

UPDATE: As I was finishing this, I got an email from BYU Sports that tickets for the homecoming game are now $5 for roommates of students with All-Sports Passes. We lose a couple of games and now we can’t even sell out our home games. I hate some BYU fans.


  1. I was happy to hear about Max. Let hope he can have some success.

  2. For a post titled cheer up guys, it seemed a little dreary. Maybe it should have been called, "Hey dork calling for Max's head..." or "I am embarrassed to associate with some BYU fans" or "Max Hall shuts up the critics."

    I hope that Max does well. Its been a while since we've had a QB do great in the NFL. Besides Beck, I think that Detmer was the last to start. That offensive line seems horrible though. Lets hope Max can keep his composure. I am thinking that he may get hit. He needs to get rid of the ball quick.

  3. I think Dante's point was that a BYU quarterback is starting in the NFL. That is something to be happy about. So, we should all cheer up. Although, I'd be much happier if I had Austin Collie as my starting WR in my fantasy league. He's the top points scorer of all the receivers in the league.

  4. I'll have to say I am a little shocked about the whole Max Hall situation. I kind of wanted to see him fail not because I am a Utah fan, but because I had a few classes with him at BYU as he was an Facilities and Property Management major and I am a Construction Management major. I studied with him for an electrical systems test once. He is an idiot and still probably got better grades than me because of the athlete status. (if you want more detail on this story let me know). Dennis Pitta was on top of things though, I like him.