Thursday, October 28, 2010

J Squared

Hello, man fans.

My name is J.J. Despain, and I am the newest writer on the "Man Stuff" blog. Mike invited me to write for the "Man Stuff" blog not because I am especially manly but because I can write. I happen to be paid to write and edit sports stories for The Daily Universe, which is pretty manly I guess. Plus, Mike and I had our conversation at a barbecue, which scores more manly points.

So I may have neither restored a classic automobile nor eaten a KFC Double Down sandwich. But I have hiked the Grand Canyon and I have killed my own Thanksgiving dinner. And I do have a beautiful wife and a perfect baby girl. Some of you might think a family with women making up 2/3 of its members might not be manly, but of course all you family men out there know that having a family really is the manliest thing of all.

Mostly what I have to offer to the "Man Stuff" blog is my experience with The Daily Universe. Before I became a sports editor, I took the class that provides all of the Universe reporters, and I just happened to be assigned to the sports desk. And I've loved it ever since. My very first story assignment was to write about BYU football players who were possibly headed to the NFL draft, and as part of that very first assignment I interviewed Bronco Mendenhall in his office. Talk about being thrown right into the middle of things.

Since then, I've:
- met Mike Scioscia
- met Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emery and coach Dave Rose
- met LaVell Edwards, David Nixon and Harvey Unga
- gone to a few of BYU football's spring practices
- covered swim meets, gymnastics meets, basketball games and football games at BYU
- traveled to Colorado Springs for BYU's football game against Air Force
- sat in the press box for BYU's games against Nevada and Wyoming
I've also written stories about baseball, softball, hockey and even video games.

Besides sports, I spent spring and summer term as the opinion page editor for The Daily Universe. There might be some manly opinions I've written, let's see...

"I'm not afraid to get all mavericky in there" - Sen. John McCain, who long promoted himself as a tough maverick in Washington, D.C., has lost his touch.

Body slam at the capitol - Linda McMahon, who used to be the CEO for WWE, won the Senate primary election in Connecticut.

Not McChrystal clear - My take on Gen. Stanley McChrystal who used to run things in Afghanistan before he was fired this summer

So long, Ken Griffey Jr.

No one on base - take yourself out to the ball game

Suspended reality - For any men who have ever been frustrated with a chick flick.

Cajun ingenuity - Someone to look up to in the middle of the BP oil spill mess

Everything I write for The Daily Universe I link to on my blog, so if you're interested please follow me there. I'll put the links on here, and write stuff specifically for this blog too. Manly stuff.

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  1. Based on your experiences working with the Daily Universe, I think I chose the wrong major and profession. Dang.

    Welcome to Man Stuff