Saturday, September 25, 2010

Utah Update

It is about time I write about the Utes since they are four games into the season. This will be a pretty general overview, not much of a detailed analysis.
Utah started out against then ranked #15 Pitt. Although they won, they looked bad. They turned the ball over, had stupid penalties, and missed opportunities. When they looked good, they looked good, and they were lucky to win. This looked like a good win until Pitt has sucked it up recently. It is almost how Boise St. looks now with Virginia Tech losing to James Madison. The win looks a little tainted, which is unfortunate because we try to play teams like Pitt to demonstrate our strength of schedule.
The next game against UNLV should have been a bigger blowout than it was. It was almost like another first game because Cain was in at QB instead of Wynn. Things were clicking a little better, but still penalties and stupid mistakes hurt the Utes.
The next two games have been a cake walk, as they should have been. New Mexico and San Jose St. are terrible. They might fair well in 5A football (highschool) but not in NCAA Division 1. I just feel bad for those teams. So it is good to see the Utes putting up big points on them, because they should. Wynn was back in action for tonight's game, and it was good to see him perform well. They seem to be executing a lot better, the run looks solid, passing is solid, and the defense is doing well. We just need to see them play a contender. Their last undefeated season started out a little scrappy but by the time they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl they were well polished. I see that in this season as well. I hope they can go undefeated this season, but it is hard to win every game, so we will see.
The Utes just need to keep blowing each team out of the water for now. Challenges will come from Air Force and the real test of TCU. Iowa State should not be bad, nor Notre Dame, but those are both away games. BYU at the end should be an easy win this year, especially with home field advantage. On the other hand crazy things can happen in those games.
What is up with Utah not getting their games televised? It is ridiculous! They are a fun top 25 team to watch. I had to go to the BYU game tonight because I could not watch the Utah game at home. I just feel bad for BYU right now. They cannot stop the run. Heaps did well passing on quick slant routes, but overthrew a lot on the longer passes.
Utah has a bye this week which is perfect with conference weekend. Lets hope they can prepare well for Iowa state.
And Dante, which hurt worse, BYU losing 3 straight, or Texas losing at home to UCLA? Sad day, I'm scared for their game against Oklahoma.


  1. Utah is looking really good...and I am a little nervous for BYU to play them this year. We will learn a lot more about Utah once they play a team with a heart beat though. They are beating the teams that they should beat. I wouldn't count BYU out quite yet. The nice thing about playing Utah at the end of the year is that it gives the teams a chance to polish up. Optimistically, (really optimistically), BYU could challenge Utah (and if the whole starting line-up got injured ;) ).

    BYU has talent, just no experience. This is evidenced by the fact that a lot of true or red-shirt freshman are playing. If this was truly a reloading year as Bronco tried to make everyone believe, then they would have some more players ready to play.

  2. you know, at this point, the texas season has reminded me a lot of the red sox season: they blow it, then they look good, and then they lay an egg.