Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BYU Vs Nevada

Does anyone will read this thing???

After a couple of disappointing losses, now is the time for BYU to right the ship. I'm not going to talk about Nelson getting hurt...someone else can post about that. Here are a couple of observations about our game with Nevada.

So, I looked up Nevada's schedule. I don't think that they are quite as scary as I first thought. Cal did out gain them in total yardage (500+ yds) and turned the ball over 3 times. You give Cal 3 more possessions it could have been a 52-51 ball game. The other two opponents that Nevada played was Eastern Washington who put 24 points on them and Colorado State who has yet to show any signs of life this season. My point is that Nevada is yet to really play anybody. Cal was their biggest challenge and it looks like CAL self-destructed.

I'm not predicting a win, but with a solid decision at QB and reading between the lines on Nevada's schedule so far, I would say that a W isn't out of reach. Our defense has to tackle and our offense has to start clicking. It looks like Nevada's D isn't very good. But BYU
offense hasn't looked too good either. Nows the perfect time for BYU to turn it around.

By the way, Colin Kaepernick looks scary good so far. He is completing something 70% of this passes and is their leading rusher. BYU better be ready and stop eating popcorn before the games. No more missed tackles and dropped balls.

Maybe I'll being too optimistic, but if BYU prepares well I think that they could win this. An overconfident Nevada would help too.


  1. To answer your first question, yes.

    As far as Nevada goes, I could not agree with you more. If we tackle better and get our offense going, we can definitely win this game.

  2. Mike, I check this thing at least once a day, if not more. I look forward to the views of my fellow men.

  3. Mike,

    Long time no see. We finally got the internet set up at our house, so I can feel like I am back in. It is a little frustrating not being able to see the games. I was able to see Heaps TD pass against FSU before the half and was expecting good things, then we had a lame ward party to attend. People think just because they can't watch the games that no one else wants to go to suspicious websites and risk getting a computer virus just so that they can watch. Anyway, a couple of us were following it on game cast on someone's phone and let me just say that in retrospect, I am glad that I was let down easy by just reading the final scores for the last two weeks.

    Anyway, Nevada is good. Sure they destroyed some cupcakes, but beating Cal like that has to be respected. The defense that contained Jake Locker (who honestly did not look like he had improved much in the last two years), has to be the same defense that steps on the field tomorrow.

    I think the D can eat popcorn, just not the buttered kind. I would recommend something sticky like caramel corn.

    Here's to writing the ship.

    Oh, last two points. I was disappointed to see that the season tickets had not been sold out and that there are still tickets available for tomorrow's game. What the (insert bad word here) is up with that? We have five consecutive seasons of bowl teams and as soon as we have a little downward turn, everyone has their knickers in a twist. Come on Cougar Fans! I guess I am preaching to the choir here.

    Also, Cougarboard has to be the worst site for fan commentary. You would get the feeling that C. Mendenhall had never coached a down in his life from reading that smut. Down with Cougarboard!