Friday, September 24, 2010


I am in need of some advice. We have tickets to Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan tomorrow. However, Carrol is a day overdue. We had this discussion and ultimately decided to sell the tickets so we posted them on Craigslist. However, come 3:30 pm tomorrow, if there is no baby and we have not sold the tickets, do I go scalp them or do we go to the game and risk labor?

Candid feedback welcome!



  1. When question I would ask is how far away is the hospital from the stadium. If it is within a reasonable distance, my response is "yes, absolutely go." If you don't go, you are missing the game. If you go and she goes into labor, well, at least you saw part of the game. And, who knows, maybe the excitement from the game will help baby robbins have a desire to come out and see the world.

  2. If she is not in labor and at least mildly comfortable--I really hope that you went to the game. On the other hand, tis only Eastern, if you didn't go its not like you missed anything too important.