Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time to bounce back

BYU is in unfamiliar territory. They are 1-3 for the first time since 2005. I think that BYU fans have forgotten what its like to struggle. This was evidenced by the lack of fans at LES. It was disappointing to break our streak of sold-out home games. I was also frustrated by some fans telling me to sit down. Was there not any other seats for them sit in? (there were and I kindly pointed them out to him). But I digress back to what I really want to talk about.

BYU faces Utah State this Friday. After a promising start hanging with Oklahoma and then beating Idaho, USU thought that this could be a break out season. They then rattle off two disappointing losses getting beat by a combined 82-31 and find themselves similar to BYU this year. In every statistical category, they are ahead of BYU except for points against. This just goes to show how unfamiliar the territory is that BYU is going through.

Could this be the year the USU beats BYU? Lets hope not, otherwise we all may need to start repenting (if you know what I mean). BYU again faces a mobile QB in Diondre Borel. Can they contain them? BYU generally sits all over USU. I don't think that USU has as many weapons as Nevada and BYU did a good job in the second half of the game. The defense looks suspect at best and I think that this will be a confidence boosting opportunity for a young offense and Jake Heaps. The defense will have some adjustments to make after loosing Romney Fuga on that blown clipping call (he is out for the season). Heres to stringing two good halves together.

One last thing to remember is that USU hates BYU. Since Riley isn't playing, that may take a little bit of emotion out, but not much. They will be fired up for this game. This is a one-sided rivalry and I think that this picture sums it up: Utah State just holds on to BYU shirt tails:

BYU has had a challenging schedule so far. BYU has to bounce back now that our schedule softens up a bit. We have this week and and San Diego State next week to get the season back on track and hopefully get more consistent before facing off with TCU.

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