Monday, January 3, 2011

Highway Avoidances: (The Bro-ad Trip) New Mexico or Bust

These are the pictures of the greatest Manliest Road trip of our generation.

1. We eat well!

Dion's Pizza
Santa Fe Pancake curtsy of Greg's grandfather.
This is the breakfast food that almost ended Mike and Robbie's Friendship

2. We enjoyed our awesome front row seats.
Right in the Shadow of the Lobos and amongst the Minors the stadium was BYU's

"Time Out, Time Out on the Field," "Hey! if you were a Hot Dog would you eat yourself"

That's how you get on Local El Paso TV News

3. We made some new friends.

Sunshine... Sunshine
Nuff said.

Stinky Pete
4. We Won!

5. We calmly moseyed onto the field.

Dante and Hoffman are pretty much best friends.
DiLuigi approved of our sign. This made a year of Mario jokes totally worth it.
How many other General Authorities were rushing the field? We may never know.
He may have gotten burned for two touchdowns but he's still a 5th ward member and we stand by him as his biggest fans.

Expect a lot more of these next year.

Totally worth the drive

6. We eat and eat again!

Open Wide my friends!
The start of round one.

This is the carcass that was left after 6 men had all they could eat.

7. After all this we left.

"My humps. my humps. my lovely lady lumps"

Mordor in New Mexico
8. We peed like men do, standing up on the side of the road.

Sean's stage fright
Blowing in the wind

Boob rock
Finally the "more than famous" Hole N the Rock"

That my friend is how men go on a road trip!
Go Cougs!

RIP Robert Anae

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