Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Home Party!

First off, I'm just going to spill all my thoughts from the BYU vs. San Diego State game last Saturday.

- I thought the game was going to be a lot more nerve wracking. But after we got ahead 4-2 in the first minutes of the game, we never lost the lead. And the lead never got less than three. Other than the last 3-5 minutes of the first half, BYU was in total control.

- I was also very impressed to see so many on the BYU team do so awesome. Hartsock and Abouo weren't too far behind Fredette on the threes, and in fact each missed only one.

- Emery is so much fun to watch, like a spastic kid almost. Colorado State coach Tim Miles said it best: "Watching replay of Rams/ BYU. Watching JEmery chase down a loose ball is like watching a cheetah chase down a gazelle in the wild" (on Twitter). It was especially fun to watch him tip away a pass, then run down court while Fredette handled the ball and threw it down to him. Just amazing.

- The San Diego State student section, "The Show," made the victory especially sweet. Wearing missionary outfits and bike helmets don't offend me, but the fact that they're trying to offend me does offend me. So it was nice to shut them up. (And one thought that crossed my mind - people watching the game on CBS who don't know much about BYU or the LDS Church or missionaries probably looked at the student section, and was like, "Shirts and ties? Bike helmets? Uh, okay, I guess? Whatever, San Diego State." Joke's on you, Aztecs!)

The Daily Universe had a couple stories on the game, from our reporter Steve McCall who traveled to San Diego:

Cougars use team efforts to down Aztecs

BYU faced wild atmosphere in Cougar-Aztec encounter*

We also had a DU photographer there, Luke Hansen. He put up all his photos on his blog (Warning: he promised photos of "The Show's" signs, some of which are not G-rated):

BYU at San Diego State


Here's where I get involved.

I got a tweet saying a group was gathering at the Provo Municipal Airport to welcome home the team. I had never been to something like that, and I was excited for this chance. Just so one day I could say I had been there. Then, as an afterthought, I realized I should do a story on it for the paper.

What's cool is that the story ended up in The Daily Universe and on the Deseret News website!

Fans greet Cougars at Provo airport (Daily Universe)

Fans greet BYU team at airport (Deseret News)

I actually had some audio and video that went with the story. It's supposed to be on the Daily Universe website, but I can't find it anywhere. And it looks like I can't add audio to Blogspot. But here are the YouTube videos (thanks, Don MacArthur, for sending them!):

Oh, I found the audio! Go here: Welcome party greets BYU basketball

*Go to page 7.

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