Friday, July 30, 2010

My Outlook on the 2010 Football Season
I am so excited that the BYU Football season is so close. I am anxious to see all of the pieces that will come together by Sept. 4 and hopefully they will all come together a lot sooner than that. I noticed here that the posters for the season are on sale and they are nice!!! It is a good way to look at what we will be without next season.
I am optimistic about this year, I know it is being labeled as a rebuilding year but BYU is getting to the point now where they don't rebuild they reload. I mean John Beck his senior year seemed to be leading the team to a season that would go down in the history books and not be seen for a really long time. Yet in comes Max Hall having "never having taken a snap in D1 before." And he matched the same record and a conference championship. I don't think it is a coincidence that BYU in the last 4-5 years has had a QB lead the school in passing yards behind Ty Detmer and another QB that is the Winniest in school history. A receiver that has the school record for receiving yards. A TE with all time receptions and a RB that has the school record in all time rushing yards passing another RB who just had the honor. BYU continues to get better each and every year. That is why I think they will be fine this year. Not to mention that during this "rebuilding" year BYU has the BEST recruiting class ever, and a lot of guys are coming in that can play right away. Which ever QB is under center will have success, they may not lead the team to a conference Championship or a BCS game but they will win a lot of games because of the talent that surrounds them. The QB will be behind a very talented, and experienced O-LINE. The RB don't have tons of miles but they have a good amount of experience and are very talented. And the receivers, lets just say if they get it in the the vicinity it will be caught. I could go on but I think the team will be a lot better than some might think and I am confident that the QB battle will be decided well before the first game. BRONCO DOES NOT WANT IT TO GO INTO THE SEASON, but he will do that if that is what it takes. Some one will step up and everyone will recognize that. This post is getting long so I won't even touch the defense right now, but they will be great I think.

One of the things I would like to comment on is what I talked about earlier about RELOADING as opposed to rebuilding. One of the things I noticed is that BYU is getting a lot of talented players throughout the country. I don't think that will change with U know who going U know where. I wanted to focus on the Receivers. When I think of the WR of a few years ago I think of:
Zac Collie 5-11
Margin Hooks 6-0
Reno Mahe 5-11
Matt Allen 6-0
Bryce Mahuika 5-9
Nate Meikle 5-9

All very productive and got the job done, some have some nice records in school history, but one thing is common is size, don't get me wrong size is not everything, there are plenty players in any sport 6-0 and under that have performed, but BYU has fewer and fewer of those types of "Great route runners" and "good hands" type guys. So I looked up some of the current players on the roster.

Luke Ashworth 6-2

Mckay Jacobsen 5-11

O'neill Chambers 6-2

Brett Thompson 6-3
Jordan Smith 6-4 (RM) He served his mission in MA and was at Marybeths Parents house during the Christmas Holiday in 2008. I didn't know much about him but got to meet him and talk a little FB.
Marcus Matthews 6-4 (RM)
Cody Hoffman 6-4(RS Freshman)
Ross Apo 6-3 (FR.)

Once again size isn't everything but boy does it help. These WR are not only big but they are athletic. The QB will have plenty of veteran WR to throw to that have been in the system for a number of years as well as a handful of very talented young players. During media days A. Rich was talking about how Phenominal Apo is and how he will contribute right away and have a very good season. He had off season surgery but appears to be %100. On the Deep Shades of Blue Website they break down the BYU's WR and it mentions this about Apo "He has put on a show in player workouts and the reports say that defenders have had no answer for him this summer. He has demonstrated excellent speed, great route running, sticky hands and an uncanny ability to go up over any defender to get the ball." If that doesn't get you excited I am not sure what will. I think that any and all of the WR can have a really good year and it should be exciting to watch. There have been talk of having McKay in the slot, can you imagine him in the slot and Apo and Chambers out wide???? Anyway that is enough for now but I am looking forward to Aug 7th so I can start hearing how the team is coming together.


  1. I agree. We have some stud in the reserves right now. Lets see if it can all materialize. The toughest games are on the road too. If nothing else, they should be awesome in 2011. It'll be fun to watch them in Austin and Corvallis.

  2. good analysis robbie... deep inside, i have high hopes for this season. i have just been too afraid that someone might call them pie-in-the-sky expectations. it took a real man worthy of "man stuff" to say it.